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Keri Systems Access Control

System Overview

The Keri Doors access control system is a cost effective and easy to administer door control system. 

Keri’s Doors software is a Windows based software package.  This software will run on Windows 98, 2000, NT, or XP.  It is user friendly and intuitive.  If you are familiar with Windows you will quickly understand the software.  Cardholders, time zones, holiday schedules, and access levels are easily added, deleted, and modified with this software.  Limited custom reports can be generated.  The system allows up to 32 operators each password protected with configurable system privileges.

PXL-500 Controller

The PXL-500P is a compact intelligent controller.  Each Keri PXL-500P door controller can control one reader; with the addition of the SB-593 satellite board a second reader can be controlled.

MS Series Proximity Readers & Cards

Keri produces their own line of very cost effective proximity readers.  Their mullion mounted reader (MS-3000) is one of the smallest and most discrete in the industry, designed to be installed on the aluminum mullion of a glass and aluminum store front door.  Providing up to a 4" read range.   Their wall mount reader (MS-5000) provides up to a 6" read range and is ideal for mounting on a wall or a single gang box.

Keri produces a whole series of compatible cards and tags. 

Integrated Badging System

Keri's badging system integrates seamlessly with the Doors software; allowing you the ability to produce professional looking photo ID cards.